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BEMA Schwimmflugels

BEMA Schwimmflugels
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Product Description

BEMA Schwimmflugels
For arms or legs, enhance your water workout by wearing in conjunction with SPLASH Spats on ankles for an intense strengthening and toning leg workout.(See our exercise manual for a plethora of water exercises). Also can be worn on arms to aid in flotation. This is the original floatie and no company makes a better product!

We used to think that if you'd seen one pair of water wings you'd seen them all, until we discovered Schwimmflugel water wings from Germany.

Super strong and designed for ultimate comfort, Schwimmflugels are guaranteed to last. No scratchy plastic seams, no sudden collapses in the water, they have an inner compartment that protects against deflating, even if they are punctured.

They come with a three year warranty; quite something for water wings! Schwimmflugels are a great addition to playtime in the water. For every age, newborn through adulthood. Sizing listed below. Warning: Not to be used as a PFD (life jacket). Never leave a child unattended in the water!