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Wet Vest AT Saddle

Wet Vest AT Saddle
Item# WV2005
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Product Description

Wet Vest AT Saddle
The WET VEST Aquatic Trainer doesn't look or function like a traditional buoyancy belt—that's why it works so well. Designed to fit around your hips, not your waist, the WET VEST Aquatic Trainer supports you in the water without restricting breathing or placing undue pressure around your abdomen—excellent for prenatal exercise. The integrated saddle holds the Aquatic Trainer in place, preventing it from riding up. Like the WET VEST II, the Aquatic Trainer is made of soft pliable foam panels sewn into a comfortable and snug fitting flotation garment. Proudly Made In the USA.

Medium: 26" - 46" waist

Large: 36" - 56" waist